Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Proskauer honored

It is the mission of this blog to identify and praise pro bono lawyers. So, when a firm like Proskauer Rose does something like this, it gets our attention:
December 5, 2005 - (New York, NY) - LAWFUEL- The Law News Network - Proskauer Rose LLP, an international law firm with over 700 lawyers in the U.S. and Europe, has received five awards from the Legal Aid Society of New York for the firm's commitment to pro bono work on behalf of Legal Aid in 2005. Steven Krane, the partner in charge of Proskauer's pro bono practice, led the group accepting the awards at a special ceremony December 1 in New York City. Proskauer received firm-wide awards for its work on the Rockefeller Re-Sentencing Project, the goal of which is to reduce the prison terms of A-1 felony offenders who were sentenced under the New York State Rockefeller Drug Laws, and the Children's Rights Appeals Project, which provides legal representation for children in the New York foster care system. Individual Proskauer attorneys who received awards are: Joshua Ruthizer for his work representing an individual in a Social Security disability claim case that resulted in a substantial monetary award; Morgan Hankin for his work with the Children's Rights Appeals Project; and Devin Burstein, a former Proskauer attorney, who represented a number of juveniles in their appeals in criminal cases. "The assistance provided by Proskauer's attorneys has made a tremendous difference in the lives of countless individuals," said Allen I. Fagin, Chairman of Proskauer Rose. "It is this firm's honor to lend our knowledge and resources to benefit those who otherwise could not afford legal representation."
Nice going.


Blogger patentgate said...

I wonder if this recent concern of Proskauer in electronic evidence is a result of their attempt to suppress evidence against their firm in the matter of stolen patents from Iviewit technologies. The theft of the intellectual properties has led to court room requests for Proskauer to procure documents they have stored electronically and their refusal to submit such documents, case Palm Beach County, Proskauer Rose LLP v. Iviewit Holdings, Iviewit Technologies and Iviewit.com, Inc. It has also been uncovered that these corporations in this case were actually illegal set up by Proskauer to mirror their client, Iviewit's companies, in efforts to steal intellectual properties through an intricate artifice to defraud inventors and investors of their technologies. Further, Proskauer has converted these technologies by setting up an anticompetitive monopolistic patent pooling scheme commonly known as MPEG or MPEGLA, whereby Kenneth Rubenstein acted as counsel to Iviewit and then stole the technologies he was supposed to patent for Iviewit, to proliferate in his patent pool that he controls with Proskauer and others.

The inventions were invented by Eliot Bernstein, Jude Rosario, Zackirul Shirajee and others and where Proskauer representing these inventors went about a series of frauds to steal them and monetize them through MPEG. The crimes are currently under investigation at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the attorneys are under investigation with the United States Patent & Trademark Office Office of Enrollment and Discipline which requlates corruption by federally approved patent attorneys registered with the USPTO. Other law firms such as Foley and Lardner are involved in the missapropriations.

Read the entire story at http://www.iviewit.tv or the blog Patentgate at http://patentgate.blogspot.com .

Proskauer partners Steven C. Krane, former President of the New York State Bar Association and Stephen Krane who is married to Chief Judge of the New York courts Judge Judith Kaye have also been implicated in attempting to derail Iviewit's legal efforts through undisclosed conflicts of interest and violations of Supreme Court offices in New York's bar association.

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