Friday, November 04, 2005

Muncie, Indiana, attorney makes good!

A hat tip to Muncie, Indiana attorney Richard Hughes is clearly in order.
MUNCIE, Ind. (NLI) - High honors for a Muncie attorney who developed and runs a free service in Delaware County.Richard Hughes, a partner at DeFur Voran, received the Indiana Pro Bono Commission's Randall T. Shepard Award. Hughes said he knew of the award but never gave a thought to one day being honored with it."I was actually kind of embarrassed because so many other people helped," Hughes said.Now that he the award in hand, Hughes said nothing will change. But he does have one wish."I hope that the recognition will inspire other attorney's to become involved in pro bono work and do their share," Hughes said.Hughes does work for companies such as Habitat for Humanity and the Drop-In Center.
From NewsLink Indiana. Lawyers like Mr. Hughes should have their wishes granted, don't you think? He's in this for the love, not for the money.


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