Saturday, December 10, 2005

The biggest legal services crisis in history

Hurricane Katrina is not finished with us yet. The housing woes continue big time. Consider this:
Housing woes in the aftermath of the devastating Atlantic hurricane season are causing a fresh wave of trauma on the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama coastlines, where more than 300,000 houses were destroyed or badly damaged, according to the National Association of Home Builders. In some of the smallest, poorest coastal communities, every home was lost. The problems are exacerbated by a drastic shortage of legal aid for the poor, many of whom can't afford lawyers or don't know how to find them. The resulting legal crisis prompted the president of the American Bar Association to warn that the hurricanes may have triggered ''one of the greatest legal services crises in the history of this country."
What are we going to do aout this? There's more to this story in terms of specifics, but if you even begin to think about it for a minute, you should get the picture. The Gulf coast remains destroyed. Just because the main stream media is no longer on top of "breaking news" from the region, there's no possible reason to believe that things are not just as bad and getting worse for the poor and dispossessed. Stay tuned, and pay attention.


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