Friday, June 02, 2006

Haditha dampens hopes for Darfur

As this excerpt from an editorial by Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal on-line edition astutely concludes, the Haditha incident will have seriously negative repercussions in Darfur, as well as in any other areas of the world in which murderous tyranny flourishes. Things do not look good for benevolent military intervention (if there is such a thing) any time soon in any other world hot spot.

Two major military reports will come out soon on the Haditha incident, and no one will gainsay justice if that is required. But the atmosphere around this event is going to get uncontrollably manic, and that will feed the dark, inward-turning sentiments already poisoning the country's mood over issues like the immigration debate. Good for Democrats? Don't count on it. After this, the public appetite for a Democratic president's "humanitarian" military intervention in a Darfur or East Timor will be close to zero.


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