Saturday, May 13, 2006

Too much police power?

In my opinion, there is grave danger to our societal future posed by the prospect that new immigration legislation may soon make conduct felonious which had not previously been so. The risk, of course, is that large numbers of people residing in this country, regardless of citizenship status, will not alter their conduct to abide by the letter of the new law. This will make them felons. It is the duty of the executive branch of our federal government to detect, track down, arrest, prosecute, and jail felons. Law enforcement, as ideal as it may be in the abstract, is seldom perfect and often flawed in its execution by officers and agents who make mistakes and whose zeal can be nothing short of breathtaking in its invasiveness and righteousness. It is not unreasonable for law abiding citizens to be concerned that no office, business, house, or home will be immune from an aggressively hot pursuit of this new class of felons with or without search warrants. Modern surveillance technology can and should be applied to detect felonious conduct and to arrest all who engage in, aid, or abet it. Here, it will almost certainly be applied with a vengeance on a scale never before experienced in this country. Are we really ready for this? Think hard. How much police power is too much police power?


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