Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Death penalty introspective

The whole idea of a death penalty makes me uneasy. Sure, I know about retribution and all that. I know about deterrence too. Victims' rights make a lot of sense under almost all circumstances as well. It's not so much the fact that death is involved either. Death is inevitable, and death is everywhere. Hey, every last person on this planet today will be dead within 110 years, so I can easily get over the death part of the penalty. It's the calculated, step by step precision with which executions are first authorized and then take place that stops me cold. Executions to me are nothing at all like war or self defense. There's so much collective premeditation involved in executions that there's nothing else comparable in my book. I'm not sure how to describe the animus or spirit behind executions. Righteousness comes to mind, and righteousness is a good thing. It's just not for me, not now, and maybe not ever. If you think like me, then pro bono defense service in capital cases may well be for you. Check out this link to the ABA Death Penalty Representation Project.


Blogger Wild Bill said...

So the fact that executions have been considered an appropriate exercise of governmental power in our culture and traditions for centuries should give way to your "uneasiness"? Public policy should be based on the vagaries of a particular persons emotions? Hardly seems sound moral reasoning, but then that has never seemed much of a concern to death penalty opponents.

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