Monday, April 03, 2006

More bad Darfur news

Things look like they are worsening, as reported here:

Sudan bars UN envoy from Darfur

The UN's humanitarian affairs chief Jan Egeland says he is being stopped from entering Sudan's western Darfur province. He was to visit the region on Monday, but, although his travel documents were in order, the authorities cancelled his trip at the eleventh hour. The Sudanese government says Mr Egeland's visit was cancelled because of the UN's unpopularity with the local population.

Over the last few weeks, the UN envoy has been critical of Khartoum, saying the government was partly responsible for the worsening situation in Darfur. Mr Egeland thinks this explains his not being allowed into Darfur. The Sudanese government is continuing to resist increasing international pressure to allow a UN peacekeeping force to be deployed in Darfur.

For as long as I have lived, we have been asking ourselves how we can allow things like this to happen. Yet they happen over and over again. Are the good people of the world truly powerless when it comes to evil? Will politics always trump idealism and action? Will Iraq mean an end to intervention against murderous tyranny?


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