Friday, March 17, 2006

Tulane: Back to the future

This is a really nice open letter. If this reflects anywhere near the spirit of today's law students, we are in very good shape for the future.
A Letter to the U.Va. Law Community By Visiting Tulane Students Dear Virginia Law community, Thank you. We, the students from Tulane and Loyola law schools who joined your school last fall, were lucky. Driven out of New Orleans by a storm, we were the lucky group who found ourselves taken in by the students, faculty and staff of the University of Virginia School of Law. While some of us lost our clothes, our computers, our music, and our homes, we all gained something by being in Charlottesville. For four months you became our teachers, our advisors and our peers. You gave us books and beds. You gave us support, and you gave us your friendship. In return, we offer you the thanks of students who are forever grateful. As the Dean of Tulane Law School said recently, we offer you a promise that we stand ready to return your kindness, at any time, should something like this ever happen to you, a promise which we hope never to have to fulfill. Now, two months removed from our time in Virginia, we find ourselves back home in a very different New Orleans. It is a city who has lost many of her best sons and daughters not so much to death as to dispersal. But as its citizens return, New Orleans is a city with a new hope that it will not forever be the city that care forgot and the "Big Easy." Rather, we hope that our city, re-energized by a returning diaspora, will live up to its finer history of rich culture and diversity. We hope that our city will move confidently towards being who we as lawyers purport to be: pro bono publico. On behalf of eleven grateful law students, we send this letter to say that we will never forget what you did for us. So for the classes, for your friendship, and for our second home at the University of Virginia. Thank you. Claire Adams Sean Brett Alyssa Carducci Brad Embree


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